E18. Leaving a Legacy Beyond Being the First Black Woman to Obtain a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Oklahoma w/ Dr. Arianne Hunter

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In this episode, we get to connect with Arianne Hunter, Ph.D. From Oklahoma City, OK, Dr. Hunter obtained her B.A. in Chemistry at Dartmouth College under the guidance of Dr. Gordon Gribble. After graduation in 2014, Arianne joined the Ph.D. program at the University of Oklahoma where she is a fully funded SMART Department of Defense Scholar and Nancy L. Mergler Dissertation Completion Fellow. 

Dr. Hunter is the first black woman to get her PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Oklahoma. During her graduate studies, she publications 7 articles in international journals, won 9 awards, brought in over $130,000 worth of funding through fellowships/scholarships, and led projects that secured huge NSF and NIH grants that provided funding for my PhD laboratory.

She has won multiple awards including the Ronald E. Lehr Scholarship, Jerry J. Zuckerman Scholarship, Sherril D. Christian Scholarship, and Oklahoma’s NextGen Under 30. She also started a STEM outreach non-profit organization for young girls. Currently, she is obtaining post-doctoral training in forensic chemistry at the Defense Forensic Science Center.

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