64. Forensic Science Professor and Science Education Ph.D. Student w/ Professor Kelly Knight

Professor Kelly Knight is a mother, wife, professor, Ph.D. student, and sarcoma survivor who researches how to improve the middle school to STEM career pipeline for girls of color. Right after being accepted to a Ph.D. program, she was diagnosed with sarcoma. staying busy helped her keep life going as normal. She speaks to surviving sarcoma during the COVID-19 pandemic and the support she got from her institution. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Branding yourself on social media as a successful Black woman in STEM
  • Choosing the appropriate teaching platform during the pandemic
  • The pros of being home amid COVID-19

More about Professor Kelly Knight

Prof. Knight obtained her Bachelor of Science in chemistry from The George Washington University in 2006 and her Master’s of Forensic Science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2008. She is currently a Ph.D. researcher in the College of Education and Human Development Science Education Research program.

Prof. Knight enjoys staying involved in the forensic science community and has remained active in professional organizations since beginning her education in forensic science. Kelly Knight is an associate professor with the George Mason University Forensic Science Program and a STEM Accelerator.

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