62. Well Paid Women are Less Satisfied in Relationships w/ Dr. Dominique Barnes-Walker

In today’s conversation with Dr. Dominique Barnes-Walker, we discuss the impact of the Strong Black Woman Archetype on romantic relationships. The Strong Black Woman Archetype is a culturally relevant term to describe Black woman’s perceived roles, expectations, and experiences. In addition, we discuss how one’s income correlates with relationship satisfaction. An interesting finding is that endorsing the Strong Black Woman Archetype limits one’s ability to heal and impacts mental and physical health.  

In this episode we discuss: 

  •  The characteristics of the Strong Black Woman Archetype
  • How endorsing the archetype impacts relationship satisfaction 
  • The relationship between income and contentment in romantic

More About Dr. Dominique Barnes-Walker

Dr. Dominique Barnes-Walker is a mother, educator, researcher, and licensed therapist. Dr. Dom grew up in Chicago and is a first-generation college student. She attended The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she obtained her Bachelor of Social Work then continued to earn her Master of Social Work. She holds a Ph.D. in Couple and Family Therapy from Adler University in Chicago.

As a clinician, Dr. Dom has experienced working with individuals, adults, children, including adolescents in the juvenile probation system, couples, and families. Much of her work is with couples and families. Dr. Dom is very passionate about empowering her clients to make meaning of their experiences by gaining an understanding of themselves to create new preferred stories about their lives. In addition, to talk therapy, she incorporates play therapy interventions with children, trauma-informed cognitive behavior therapy, and mindfulness techniques.

Dr. Dom teaches post-secondary education and researches Black women and families. Specifically, her research focuses on The Strong Black Woman Archetype, which is a topic greatly related to the mental wellbeing of many of us. The Research Her podcast and was delighted to learn about her research focus and the Strong Black Woman back in 2018. In this episode, we talk more about her finishing her Ph.D. during the pandemic. We dive into her dissertation titled ” Examining the Endorsement of the Strong Black Woman Archetype on Romantic Relationship Satisfaction” and the result of her study. 

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