54. Melanated Skin Needs (Toxin-Free) Sunscreen Too (REVIEW)

This episode was inspired by Side Hustle Pro Episode 144 where Katonya Breaux, the founder of Unsun Cosmetics, discusses how she started making mineral sunscreen out of have adverse effects to chemical containing sunscreen.

I discuss why sunscreen is necessary for everyone regardless of skin complexion and talk about the chemicals that are in sunscreens. The class of active ingredients in sunscreens are called UV filters and they prevent sun damage… However, we should be careful about which UV filters we are using to minimize health risk.

Episode 8 of The Research Her

Clean Cosmetics Checklist

In this episode, we highlight Korie Grayson.

She graduated from Norfolk State University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry where she was a member of multiple honor society and organizations. During her undergraduate career she volunteered as a tutor and with people with special needs and also pledged Delta Sigma Theta . She continued on to work for a few years then moved on to start her graduate studies at Cornell University. She is currently a biomedical engineering PhD candidate.

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*Note* I am not an expert in this field. All literature interpretations are from my perspective and does not always reflect the intention of the authors.