E43. Contributing to Black Women’s Wellbeing (Quarterly Check-in)

September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month. We are starting a crowdfunding campaign to provide Black women in graduate school funding to pay for 6 months of therapy. If you want to contribute $0.50 to the Black women’s therapy fund, you can send payments to the following accounts.

CashApp – $ElissiaF

Paypal – elissia@theresearchher.com

Venmo – elissia@theresearchher.com

Google Pay – elissiafranklin@gmail.com

Zelle/Quickpay – elissiafranklin@gmail.com

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In this episode, I give an update about The Podcast and our feature in Blavity News. We talk about our new crowdfunding campaign to improve the wellbeing for Black women. I give an update on my mental health and academic status. I also give an update on why we need you to complete the listener survey.

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