E40. The Science of Wet A** Pu$%y feat. Dr. Jasmine Abrams, Portia Brown, and Dr. Ruth Arumala

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion broke the internet and climbed up all the charts with the release of their new song WAP, which is an acronym for Wet Ass Pussy. Her we use the term SWAP, not only because we swapped out our photos for theirs in the artwork, but because herein we want to discuss the Science of Wet Ass Pussy.

We start off with the definition of WAP and breakdown the discussed part of the female genitalia relevant to it. We learn that the key component to WAP is vaginal discharge as a lubricant. Dr. Ruth Arumala, a black woman ob/gyn, gives us information about the contents of vaginal discharge and ways of supplementing it if one desires. Dr. Jasmine Abrams, an international behavioral research scientist, educates us on the research related to women’s health as it relates to vaginal lubrication.

We then end out the episode being educated by Portia Brown, a black woman sex coach and sex educator, who schools us on practical ways of loving and optimizing our body’s vaginal lubrication. This is a research and education-based episode between women who also relate personally to the topic.

Mentioned in the episode:

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Dynamics of the Vaginal Ecosystem—Hormonal Influences

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