E39. Exercise-induced orgasm and pleasure among women

In this solo episode, I dive into the research of Debby Herbenick and Dennis Fortenberry in their article Exercise-induced orgasm and pleasure among women. The study had the goals of understanding of exercise-induced orgasm and exercise-induced sexual pleasure. This studied surveyed over 500 women and found out how many experienced orgasms and/or sexual pleasure while working out.

This topic is shared to

  • help reduce how taboo discussions about orgasms are.
  •  encourage more of us to exercise to improve the quality and quantity of our life.
  • Explore the amazing research field surrounding the femme orgasm.

Let’s normalize sexuality talk.

Show Citations:

Exercise-induced orgasm and pleasure among women by
Debby Herbenick & J. Dennis Fortenberry

*Note* I am not an expert in this field. All literature interpretations are from my perspective and do not always reflect the intention of the authors.

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