48. Food Addiction vs. Food Relationship & Why More Research Needs to be Done To Diagnose w/ Dr. Ebony

Ebony Butler, Ph.D., a native of Mississippi, is a Licensed Psychologist and Food Relationship Strategist who has made it her mission to help women of color heal and thrive in the areas of trauma and diet recovery. Dr. Ebony is a visionary and teacher. Dr. Ebony earned her B.S in Psychology from Jackson State University and her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston.

On this episode, we discuss

  • the need to direct research to the community that it is done upon.
  • her desire to see more scientists reach back to the community that they studied and thank them for allowing research to be done.
  • demystifying the idea of “food addiction” by looking at how we view it and our relationship to it.
  • reasons why you need to pay attention to the origins of the diets that you select. 
  • why she focused on mindset, triggers, and habits with clients and beyond.

More about Ebony

Dr. Ebony specializes in guiding women to develop skills that increase their effectiveness in interpersonal interactions, including communication and asking for/getting what they want and need. Dr. Ebony is specifically interested in issues that impact marginalized communities, including minority women and LGBTQ+ persons. 

Given the extensive amount of attention placed on body size and dieting in our society, Dr. Ebony understands how these pressures can impact one’s relationship with food and their bodies. Thus, Dr. Ebony is passionate about helping others recover from diet culture while also learning to shape their health in a more empowered manner.

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